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Tecno Mobile App Challenge is hosted by Afmobi and designed to motivate and reward developers who develop innovative, functional and original J2ME/MRE apps on Tecno mobiles. Know more at

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Afmobi is established in 2010. The headquarter of Afmobi is in Shenzhen and it has three branches in Africa. Afmobi has dedicated on African LOCAL mobile internet services, and it’s been focusing on the target market - Africa.

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AF Market is an app store from which the users can download and manage applications. It's developed by Afmobi and served exclusively on, but not limited to, Tecno mobiles.

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Games on AF Market. J2ME and MRE applications are supported. The Android version of AF Market is coming soon!

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Afmobi's vision is "Sharing, Open, Win-Win" , aims to promote and build up eco-system of mobile internet in Africa and create a way for the world to go closely with Africa.

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The developers decide the prices of the apps on AFMARKET. Afmobi gives guidance on pricing. The basic revenue sharing ratio is 70% (developer) :30% (Afmobi).

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Afmobi's partners. To stand with Afmobi is PROMISING. Join us now!

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